MFA Journey, Part 206???

Happy Saturday, friends! So I know, I know, I may or may not have been real proud of myself for posting two consecutive days and then promptly did not write for over a week. But hey, we're back at it! My thoughts have been towards MFA a lot this past week, and here's what I've found … Continue reading MFA Journey, Part 206???


Dear Chile

Dear Chile, Today's the day I leave you. It comes - perhaps too soon - after some goofy, adventure-filled four and a half months of ups and downs (but more ups than downs, I must say). Chile, when I was heading your way and writing about the US, I knew I'd be heading out some … Continue reading Dear Chile

First 5 things I’m eating back in the States!

Happy Monday, tigers and tight-rope walkers! Although my belly is quite full from a delicious almuerzo (lunch) of lentejitas, hamburguesa, ensalada, fajitas, y jugo de frutilla (a bowl of lentils with some veggies and hamburger in it, an avocado-tomato salad, some tortilla fellas with cheese inside them that are called fajitas but are different than a fajita I would … Continue reading First 5 things I’m eating back in the States!

Blog 144: Will I ever know what I’m doing? (Does anyone?!)

Happy Wednesday, wildcats and widgets! I hope everyone is having lovely days so far. I'm feeling vaguely scatter-brained right now on all things Splashy-related, so am simply going to do an electronic idea-dump to see if we can clear some things up. Deal? Deal 😀 1. Instagram. As you know, this social media is something of … Continue reading Blog 144: Will I ever know what I’m doing? (Does anyone?!)


A little free writing on free writing for you today: Give me a page of senselessness written so fast, every third word’s a hologram, and stop chewing that damn sandwich between each phrase. Don’t cut that last sentence because of the damn, got it? Now that you’ve been reminded and refocused, feel the maybe-eyes on your … Continue reading Give


It's simple. Depart from the metro, take a left. Enter Cocavi, and catch the cashier's eye. Un empanada de pino, calentito, por favor. Hand over your pesos - mil doscientos and listen to the microwave's hum, your empanada rotating inside. The microwave doors opens. The empanada is removed, wrapped in a napkin, slipped in a paper bag. … Continue reading Ritual

Regarding my laziness, followed by a plan for wild bloggy success!

Okay, okay, maybe I never give myself enough credit. It’s not that I’ve been lazy with ole Splashy per se, it’s just that I haven’t kept up with parts of it that need to be kept up with—namely, literally everything except for the actual blogging. I haven’t ever updated or revamped my WordPress theme, I’ve … Continue reading Regarding my laziness, followed by a plan for wild bloggy success!

Finding Joy

When it floods your room like early morning sunlight, do not shut your blinds. Do not throw your forearm across your face. Instead, let it in. Soak up its glow. Joy. J-o-y, three letters. It's a pretty little word for a such a beautiful thing. It can hit you in the big moments - a … Continue reading Finding Joy


Happy Thursday, mousetraps and cheese wedges! Hope everyone's weeks are going well so far. Today I want to talk about something that I feel like I've been doing too often recently: rushing my blog post. If you blog as well, I'm sure you may do this, too. Obviously, part of the beauty of blogging is the … Continue reading RushingYourBlog